1. Because it works: It renews old friendships, or makes new acquaintances. This is the first step in successful sales. It gives you the opportunity to bring your products “front of mind” with a potential customer.
  1. Competitors make sales calls: If you don’t make sales calls your competitors will. Many competitors’ sales people are on commission, it is in their best interest to make the sales call to get the order or, to set up a potential face to face meeting.
  1. You don’t have to be good at it: Like Nike, just do it. The more calls you make, the better at it you will become.
  1. It builds your confidence: Most successful sales people will tell you they get nervous, they can think of many reasons the prospect/customer is too busy to talk. However, in the vast majority of cases, they will welcome the call.
  1. It’s efficient: There is no quicker way to find out where the Easter eggs (orders) are than to call up and ask. They will let you know if they have an interest. Set a goal of ___ calls per day.
  1. It’s easier than you think: As tough as it sounds, it’s really pretty lazy. Calling people on the phone is not mining coal or laying block. It sitting in an air-conditioned office, thinking and talking.
  1. It’s cheap: It only costs your time in prepping leads, making the calls and sending follow-ups. Appointments after the call cost more, but then you have a qualified prospect, and it all started with the phone call.
  1. It simple and direct: It’s not a big complex web of mystery like networking and buying media. When you are networking you pretend it is not about sales…but of course it is. Using media to reach a customer, is complex, can be expensive, and you never know if you are reaching the right person. A direct sales call takes you to the right person. You have the opportunity to respond to their questions, and it is clearly about sales.
  1. You’re doing someone a favor: If you approach sales correctly, you will often hear “I’m glad you called” or “we were just talking about that.” Do not make a “pitch.”  You should know within 3 or 4 minutes, if they have an interest. If not, thank them for their time and move on.
  1. You have to do it anyway: All of life is sales or negotiation of some kind. As a kid, it’s to stay up later; As a teenager it’s for the car; As a young adult, it’s for a job, a date or marriage. You’re going to have to sell and negotiate anyway, so you might as well get good at it.

* This was put together by my good friend, Michael Byrd, at WordwrightWeb, a website development firm in Wilmington, NC. It’s so true, I thought I would share it.


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